Baby Birdez | Supply 5000

Baby Birdez are only 5000 in the world and they are created by Genesis Birdez


A Baby Birdez NFT acts as membership to The Nest Egg DAO. The Nest Egg DAO has the goal to acquire NFTs voted on by its members through proposals and yields fractionalized ownership and utility benefits to all members for the bought NFTs.

The goal of the Nest Egg DAO is to give the ability for baby hodlers to fractionally own NFTs held in the DAO’s community wallet. These may be high profile projects that hodlers may not be able to afford as individual investors.What is a DAO?

DAO means Decentralized Autonomous Organization. To be part of this DAO you need to own at least 1 Baby Birdez to be a member.

The amount of Baby Birdez and Genesis Birdez that you have determines the power of your vote.

1 Baby Birdez NFT = 1 DAO Vote.

1 Baby Birdez NFT = 1/5000 fractionalized ownership of the DAO’s NFTs etc.

5/10 Baby Birdez NFT = Power to create and launch proposals to the DAO

The fractionalized ownership of the Babies not alive yet, will continue to be accumulated for them as a form of inheritance and will be attributed when they are bred.


Baby Birdez hodlers have unique utilities:

  • Lifetime access to Birdez School: +$10k value of online courses with some of the best marketers and entrepreneurs in the world

  • Access to The Secret Door - an alpha group where (daily) we analyse NFT projects with huge opportunities

  • Access to WL opportunities and priority

  • Access to specific and private drops such as Limited Edition Merch, future 1/1 art pieces for real collectors etc (*for payment as fixed price or auction etc)

  • Access to BirdyCon (IRL or Streaming, with special discounts on the official tickets. Price TBA)

  • Access to limited BirdyVerse Meet Ups for free

  • The Eggsperiment 2023

Birdez 3D NFT will be a new collection of Birdez Gang with many utilities inside our Birdez Kingdom in the metaverse.

How are Baby Birdez Born?

Baby Birdez are here thanks to the breeding process.

The breeding process consists in hodling 2 Genesis in the same wallet and burn 600 $SEED token.

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