Wait...WHAT!? Let's steal this!!!?!

It's time to claim this Liquid...NO!

How to steal the "green liquid" by using Vials

Starting from March 2023...for 21 Days, Babies are able to claim vials containing a strange and radioactive green liquid.

The strange doctor is the one giving some advise during the stealing process (we don't know why YET...but he's not stopping Babies, instead, he's helping them to do this.

"To collect this liquid, you must enter these capsules and close your eyes. Once inside, your DNA will be extracted and mixed with the green liquid to create a single potion, which you can take with you. Please note that you must enter in pairs, as you will not be able to re-enter once the process begins. Additionally, each pair will receive only one vial of the potion" said the Doctor.

  • Please make sure that you have an even number of babies, preferably not an odd number, as the extraction process requires pairs. If you do not have pairs, you will not be able to extract any liquid from the capsules

  • Chose 2 baby from your wallet to put inside the capsules

  • Wait for the liquid to feel the Vial

  • Click "CLAIM VIAL" (free claim + gas fees)

  • Repeat the process with different babies if you have them

Please keep each vial securely under your wing, and make sure it does not get lost or damaged.

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