$SEED token disclaimer

1 $SEED token = 1 $SEED token. $SEED tokens are not intended to be an investment and there is no expectation that $SEED will ever have liquidity, any measurable value, or appreciate in value.

The $SEED token is not live yet. Will be live starting from January 17th.

How much $SEED will be circulating in total?

The max supply is 108,121,111 $SEED.

January 17th 2022.

How do i get $SEED?

By owning at least one Genesis Birdez. Each Genesis earn 10 $seed per day.

Does $SEED has economic value?

NO. $SEED will never have any economic value. 1 $SEED = 1$SEED. There are NO expecation of any kind of profit from this token. Has been created to act as uility token ONLY.

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