Genesis Birdez | Supply 1333

Birdez Gang Genesis are 1333 OG pixel birds with badass style, crazy hair, amazing weapons and powerful wings. They are able to produce a rare source of energy called $SEED.

Genesis Birdez are only 1333 in the world and they have the most powerful utilities in our entire ecosystem.

Each Genesis Birdez gives access to its hodler to a private and world-class Alpha Mastermind Group, where you can grow every single day, find early projects, meet founders of external projects and be surrounded by a large group of people who want to grow in the NFT space.

Each Genesis Birdez act as a PASS for the annual IRL Conference in Las Vegas. .

Each Genesis Birdez gives you access to private Giveaways and Whitelists for other cool projects around the world (recent collabs: Crypto Monkz, Multiverse VM, Xeno Ininity, Galaxy Fight Club)

Genesis Birdez as the Guardians of The Birdez Kingdom will be able to claim 1 Land NFT for Free around late april 2022.

Each Genesis Birdez is able to produce 10 $SEED per day. $SEED is the utility token of the entire ecosystem that you can use to:

  • You can breed as many Babies as you want, until the maximum of 5000 is reached

  • Customize Name

  • Customize Bio

  • Buy properties in Birdez Kingdom

  • Buy future Whitelists

  • Join specific games and events in BIrdez Kingdom

  • We are in the process of adding more and more utility to $seed token.

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