Birdez Kingdom NFTs

The FIRST hand drawn Metaverse to build, to learn and to play where everyone is welcome (while in the meantime you hodl a piece of true art).

What is Birdez Kingdom?

Birdez Kingsom is a free and fun island made up of 6333 different and unique plots of land NFTs hand drawn by the italian pop and contemporary artist Jenny Ungaro, teleported to a new metaverse. Seen from the helicopter you are able to appreciate the entire world as a gigantic eagle with its shape and its large feathers that form the amazing fronds of this island.

Birdez Kingdom | The Hand Drawn Metaverse

Well, let's make everything clear. Birdez Kingdom is made by 6333 different and unique lands, represented as NFT by unique pieces of true art. This art is created by Jenny Ungaro (a female pop and contemporary artist that is now part of Birdez Gang team).

For the first time in the NFTs history real art and metaverse come together. Instead of creating a classic representation of the lands with a 3D model or an aseptic square in a map, we wanted to do things differently. This is why we found the greatest female pop and contemporary artist in Italy to draw by hand all the lands that represents your property in our own metaverse

Each land is unique and programmatically generated from over 47 possible traits, including exporuse, environment, habitat, animals, climate, plaques, resources, and more. All lands are hand-drawn, but some are rarer than others.

ELEMENT #1: 3 Different Plaques: Silver, Gold, Black.

  • Silver represent standard Plots: 3800 plots available with different geographical positions, traits and resources to extract from the ground.

  • Gold Plaque represent Large Plots: 1900 Plots available with different geographical positions, traits and resources to extract from the ground.

  • Black Plaque represent X-Large Plots: 633 Plots available with different geographical positions, traits and resources to extract from the ground.

ELEMENT #2 - Geographical Exposure: coast & inland

ELEMENT #3 - Environment and habitat: Trees, lakes, river, mountains, hills, waterfalls

ELEMENT #4 - Animals: Rabbit, Birds, Eagle, Cow, Hedgehog, Unicorn

ELEMENT #5 - 13 different Climate & Weather: Clear Sky, Sunset with cloud, Pink sunset with cloud, Sunrise, Rain, Eclipse, Full moon with clear sky, Full Moon with Meteorite, Full moon with could, Half moon with clear sky and meteorite, Storm, Birdez Signal in the sky.

ELEMENT #6 - 7 Resources: Wood, rock, fish, cow, glass, diamond, gold

The art represent your property in the Birdez Kingdom Metaverse and will act as your exclusive access to your own land to build, play, learn and earn.

Own & Build With No Tech Experience

Imagine for a moment to have your own land and an easy and intuitive building system to use to create whatever you want. What would you create?

You are able to build your house, customize every single detail to express all of your ideas.

The "Building System" has been created for people with no tech experience to let them free to create amazing things.

Explore, Connect & Expand your kingdom

When you own a plot of land, you are able to explore from the top the entire map and see which plot is near you. You can make an offer to the owner or directly buy it if is on sale and after you own that too, you are able to connect 2 plots together expanding your ownership and power.

Connect with people and host parties and event

Owning a land or more, gives you the possibility to invite people at your home, host parties, mini workshops and fun events to let you free to express your ideas.

Elite Congress Area & Education Live Events

Birdez Gang is focused also on connecting with people, teachings and learning new things. This is why the center area of the island is called "Congress Area." In order to have access to that Congress Area and the educational events that we'll host there, its required to own at least a Genesis Birdez, or own a land around that area, or pay the ticket with $SEED token.


Birdez Kingdom has the goal to bring together people to build relationships, learn and specially HAVE FUN.

This is why the entire Kingdom is surrounded by different themed island to play and create a good network with smart people in the metaverse that can continue IRL too

  • Birdez Golf Club Island: An entire island in the north east is total dedicated to this beautiful sport that for decades has been the site of many business creations.

  • Car Racing Island: The island in the north west is created to host car racing events where you can watch, play and bet. Yes you can bet on your favorite player.

  • More to come..

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