Birdez Team

Discover the team behind Birdez Gang.
Birdez Gang is led by six entrepreneurs, marketers, advertisers, devs and NFTs investors who want to bring their combined experience into one single project.
Mik Cosentino: is an online entrepreneur / best selling author / International speaker / since 2015. He hosted international events with +15.000 attendees sharing the stage with many celebrities like Jordan Belfort, Frank Kern and Dan Lok.
Ricromo: Is the community manager and collab manager of Birdez Gang since March 2022.
Gabbo Cosentino: is one of the most well known advertiser in Italy and Europe. He has helped thousands of people achieve their financial freedom using social media and advertising skills since 2015. In the last 5 years he managed and invested more than 10.000.000$ in strategic advertising and direct marketing campaign. He's a Kaijiu Kings Genesis owners.
Gabro: Is the main Moderator for our Discord Server
BurNFT: Is our Alpha Caller in "The Secret Door" discord channel
Manny : +20 Years of experience in developing software and tech startups all over the world. He's the main full stack developer in BIrdez Gang.
Jdpl: Content creator and Video maker with +10 years of experience. He worked for the most popular television program in Italy and later, became an entrepreneur devoted to create the best content possible. With a team of 6 people, he's the art director of Birdez Gang.
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