Tokenomics & Distribution

With the entire team we seek to create the best tokenomics distribution for $SEED token.

With the entire team we spent months to create the best tokenomics distribution for $SEED token. Our main goals are:

  • Reward every Genesis Birdez hodler actively involved in the ecosystem

  • An initial distribution of $SEED to Genesis Hodlers through a simple claim process.

  • $SEED will be used for many things in the Birdez Gang ecosystem like Breeding Process to create Baby Birdez NFT, Custom name and Bio of Genesis and Babies, buy merch and will be used as fuel for our Birdez Gang games.

  • Access to $SEED for the Birdez Gang team to be able to do promotions, create contest in the game, sponsorships and marketing.

Birdez Gang team is creating amazing and funny games to play for all Genesis hodlers like mini games, battles, spleff, paintball, pvp, monster hunt and much more. The fuel of these games will be $SEED token.


108,121,111 $SEED TOKENS.

Rewards (50%)

54,060,555 $SEED (50%) will be locked up and targeted to be distributed over a 10 years period to hodlers interacting with these play to earn mechanism.

Additionally, there will be conferences and much more in our Land and $SEED will be used to take part in that and buy merchandise in the future.

Team reserves

5,406,055 $SEED (5%) total $SEED will be locked up in the Birdez Gang team’s vault. This $SEED will be used for promotion, growth, partnerships and much more.

This 5% reserve will be distributed over a 2 years period month after month at 1/24 distribution per month.

This means that 5,406,055 $SEED token (1/24th of total 5% allocation) will be minted to the team reserves wallet every month from January 2022 until January 2024.

Where can you see your $SEED earnings?

Starting from January 17th 2022 each Genesis will start to produce $SEED.

On our official website there will be a specific button to connect your wallet and after that you'll have access to a private section called "BIrdez House" where you can see all Birdez that you owned and your $SEED earned.

Claims will be distributed to wallet address of those who hodling Genesis Birdez at the time of the snapshots.

Snapshot: February 17th 2022.

Staking reserve

48,254,501 $SEED (44,18% of staking reserves) will be locked up and distributed over a 10 year period to Genesis Birdez hodlers who stake their Genesis Birdez,

Important: you don't need to stake your Genesis for years without touching it. What we are saying is that the total reserves will be distributed for 10 years from when staking starts.

Most Important: When you stake your Genesis Birdez you can use it as well as it's . In fact, stacking your Genesis doesn't mean that your Genesis is locked and you can't do anything, no. When you stake your Genesis you can do whatever you want with it like list, sell, do auctions on Opensea, transfer. When you stake your Genesis Birdez his wings produce 10 $SEED per day and you can freely use it to do anything you want with it.

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